The average person throws away about 300 plastic and paper bags per year. Most plastic bags end up in a landfill decomposing for centuries (it takes up roughly around 1000 years).
Let's turn the troublesome product into an ecological one. The paper of the EcoBag contains built-in seeds of various plants. Wherever you throw it away, it will disintegrate after rainfall and turn into a beautiful lawn of grass, camomile, clover, etc.
EcoBag won bronze in the Epica 2011 Awards in the category of packaging design and was featured in the Epica Book Twenty Five.
Designed by DEPOT WPF
Creative Director: Alexey Fadeev
Strategist: Olga Chernokova
Designers: Vera Zvereva, Maria Mordvintseva, Julia Zdanova
PR Manager: Ekaterina Lavrova
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